25 September 2016

Makola traders unhappy with unregulated hawkers

market-womenTraders at the Makola market and its environs have expressed concern the unregulated hawkers, salesmen and women who choose to ply their trade along the streets of the market.

These “illegal traders” displays their goods along the streets and some even use it to block the entrances to their shops, they said and thereby impeding movements of customers.

They called to the Accra Metropolitan Authority (AMA) to immediately intervene for businesses to progress orderly.

Ms Rosemary Ofokunor, an onion seller, said the invasion of the illegal traders is having a negative impact on their business and appealed to the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) to sack vendors from the streets.

Ms Rose Tettey, a ginger seller, complained about the behaviour of the unauthorised hawkers and called for immediate intervention.

GNA observed during a tour of the market that streets leading to Makola Market have been transformed into markets – as the illegal traders have displayed their goods including hardware, clothes, confectionaries, electrical appliances, foodstuffs, drinkables, and vegetables.

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Source: GNA

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