07 August 2017

Maintain 2016/17 academic year fees – NCTE charges public universities

The National Council for Tertiary Education (NCTE) has directed management of public tertiary institutions to maintain fees for the 2016/17 academic year pending parliamentary approval of the proposed new fees.

In a press release Monday, the Council said the necessary changes would be effected to the 2016/17 fees in due course.

According to NCTE,  when Parliament takes its decision on the proposed fees, students will top up in the course of next semester. 

The decision by the Council comes in the face of protests by students who were kicking against the hikes. 

Before the statement was issued the Executive Secretary for Vice chancellor  Association, Ghana, Peter Kaba called the bluff of the Chairman of Parliament’s Subsidiary Legislation Committee Mahama Ayariga who was threatening to sue authorities at the various universities.

His threat followed the failure of the universities to seek parliamentary approval for the new fees they were going to charge, a conduct he believed was in breach of  the country’s laws.

Mr Ayariga said the way to resolve the issue is for the Education Ministry to meet with the Subsidiary Legislation Committee for a pre-laying discussion of the proposed fees for the fees to be reviewed after engaging all stakeholders.

“We don’t want the academic calendar disrupted and we also don’t want an unnecessary hardship to be occasioned to the universities but the laws must be respected,” he said.

But Mr Kaba was in no mood to accept threats. According to him, his outfit had already submitted the proposed fees scheduled for the various universities across the country to the National Council for Tertiary Education and was banking on its implementation.

Mr Kaba said he had already submitted the proposed fees to the Education Ministry, therefore, suing the institutions would not amount to anything.

But the Council has intervened in the feud.



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