19 June 2016

Mahama’s mum’s burial: Ghana mustn’t come to a stand still – Pratt

Mother of President John Mahama, Madam Abiba NnabaManaging Editor of the Insight Newspaper, Kwesi Pratt Jnr has said it is totally unnecessary for government appointees to vacate their various offices to attend the funeral ceremony of the late mother of President John Dramani Mahama which comes off today.

According to him, it will be a waste of productive time for public officials to travel all the way to Northern Ghana to mourn with the President over the loss of his mother when there’s work to do.

The funeral of the late Abiba Nnaba, mother of President John Dramani Mahama will be held today at Busunu in the Northern Region. Abiba Nnaba died on Tuesday evening at the SSNIT Hospital in Accra after a protracted ailment.Nnaba
Ghanaians per our culture and tradition express love to bereaved persons by attending funerals to sympathy with them over their loss, and its feared that several appointees of the President will want to show him their love by mourning with him at his mom’s funeral.

But speaking on Peace FM Friday, Kwesi Pratt stated that such a move by public officials will do Ghana a great disservice today as productivity in certain sectors will be affected.

“If we don’t take care by afternoon, there will not be a single minister at work in Accra; the same with the Military and Police hierarchy; of them will want to show love to the President. If the President has appointed you a Minister and you want to help him, it’s not your presence at the ceremony that matters, rather you should do your work well so that Ghana develops, that will help the President rather than following him up north for the funeral.

“If you’re the IGP focus on your work so that country remains safe and peaceful; that is more important than attending this funeral ceremony. We should not bring this country to a stand still simply because the President’s mother is being buried today. We should all do our work well. They attending this funeral is unnecessary let’s remain in Accra and work for mother Ghana,that is my humble view.”

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