15 July 2016

Mahama’s 5 most funny statements

President Mahama is best known as Ghana’s most skilled communicator considering the skilled ways by which he conveys his messages to Ghanaians and political detractors alike.

Here is a list of some of the most humorous comments by President Mahama.

1. “Dead Goat Syndrome”


“I have seen more demonstrations and strikes in my first two years. I don’t think it can get worse. It is said that when you kill a goat and you frighten it with a knife, it doesn’t fear the knife because it is dead already…I have a dead goat syndrome” – Mahama speaking to members of the Ghanaian community in Botswana.


2. “Seeing is believing”


“Seeing is believing. I am saying this because there are some people who see but refuse to see. After this visit, I don’t know what else… maybe we photoshopped the buildings behind me as I stand here ” – Mahama speaking during a tour at the Saglemi housing project.

3. “Evidence-based learning”


Evidence-based learning is the fashion in the world today and I used it to demonstrate what progress we are making in Ghana. It’s a commonly used instrument” Mahama comments on his state of the nation address said on TV3’s Morning show program, New Day.

4. “Hey yenim mo”


“VRA today cannot go to any bank and establish an LC (Letter of credit) because I think they owe virtually every bank in Ghana. They went and opened a new account in another bank and then they will take the credit till it gets chocked, then they open a new account in another bank. So now any bank they go to says ‘hey yenim mo” – Mahama’s hilarious comment on the debt of the VRA.

5. “Opana, who is the chairman?”


“This man said I’m acting chairman of the party and this one said I’m chairman of the party so I thought Opana (Akufo-Addo) will rather pay attention to the competence of uniting his party. Right now I don’t even know who to address. So who is the chairman?” – Mahama mocks the New Patriotic Party following the recent bout of internal wrangling.

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