17 July 2016

Mahama will fall without remedy – NPP Director of Elections

KorsahDirector of Elections for the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), Martin Agyei Mensah Korsah says President John Dramani Mahama’s defeat in the 2016 General Elections will be inevitable.

According to him, the NPP will win the elections with a wider margin so that there will be no room to manipulate the results to favour the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC).

He thus said that whether the Electoral Commission (EC) removes the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) names from the Voters’ register or not, it is not going to change the minds of Ghanaians who are already calling for a change of government this year.

“We are not aware of the modality with which the Electoral Commission used to delete the NHIS names from the voters’ register; because going by the logic of the Commission, it announced that it would give the date for the deletion . . .”

He added that the Commission did not announce the date except the information that it has already deleted the NHIS names from the register; wondering why they announced it if mentioning the modality was not necessary.

“This is very interesting but it is not really a big issue for me because whether they have removed the names or not, we will compare the NHIS list with the register to know those names that have been deleted or not,” he stated on Okay FM’s ‘Ade Akye Abia’ Morning Show.

“I have already said that I am getting fed up with the issues surrounding the voters’ register but what I know is that NPP will win the 2016 elections because the difference between NPP’s win and NDC lose is going to be very huge,” he stressed.

“… this election by God’s grace will define our politics, it is going to tell a certain story. It won’t be just a win but emphatic one. You saw what Buhari did to Jonathan? When your time is up, this is the kind of results you see.

“What I have heard and what is happening on the ground, the change that is coming can be seen on the lips of Ghanaians, and it is not the NPP calling for change. But what I have seen tells me that the results will be emphatic and not close results which anybody can manipulate the figures; it will be huge. Mahama will fall and fall without a remedy,” he insisted.

He maintained that whatever the Electoral Commission (EC) does with the voters’ register, Ghanaians are smart and know around the issue; thus nothing will deter NPP from getting their victory in 2016 elections.

“If the NDC claim to have performed extraordinarily, why is the President busy going round to plead with the people to maintain in power and using state money to run six months advert on Mahama’s achievement?” he quizzed.

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