24 July 2017

Mahama supported Paapa Yankson – Mr. Beautiful – Starr Fm

Ghanaian actor, Clement Bonney, known in showbiz as Mr. Beautiful has debunked claims that legend Highlife musician, Paapa Yankson, was abandoned before his death.

Reacting to claims by a son of the highlife legend, Silas Yankson, that his father was abandoned throughout his sick days till his demise, Mr. Beautiful said such comments are false.

“I read it online and I said this is not correct, this is not true maybe he [Silas] didn’t  know how his father was fed that’s why he came out to say his father was abandoned. It’s never true, maybe he [Silas]abandoned his own father,  because before the 2016 elections, Former President Mahama sent me several times to  visit Paapa Yankson, before he went for his Prostate cancer operation and after I went there several times, I knew that Silas doesn’t  know this, and even after the elections, when his excellency became an ex-president, I have been there like three times, and can you believe that when President Mahama went for his Mother’s one year celebration in the North, the person he asked of was Paapa Yankson. He went like; how are my old folks doing and Paapa Yankson, he was the one I know couldn’t walk because he had an operation”.

Mr. Beautiful further told Anita Erskine and Giovani that he is sure Silas was not aware of all the things that Former President Mahama did for his father, as he kept it on the low.

“Honestly, I have been telling His Excellency, daddy; these things that you are doing we need to put it on air but he will say no, I’m doing it for God. He personally goes round to visit this old age musicians and actors and gives them money from his own pocket for their upkeep….You can call Amandzeba and ask him about it, it’s unfortunate because they do it on the low because of the kind of politics in this country, but again  when people are old and sick they keep things to themselves….my own father did it to me before he passed, he will call and say he didn’t have money, you will visit him and find friends and people around him and they give him money and he will hide it under his hospital bed so maybe Paapa Yankson did not tell Silas and he can ask his mother about it, it’s rather unfortunate that things have to turn out this way”, he stressed.




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