09 August 2017

Mahama Didn’t Give Me A Million Dollars, A Car Or A House – Yaw Ampofo Ankrah


Ace sports presenter Yaw Ampofo Ankrah has come out to debunk assertions that he was part of a group of celebrities who received massive goodies from the NDC to support them.

According to him, he received nothing of the sort even though the rumour has been floating around forever.

Amopofo was asked on ‘Tonight’ what the craziest rumour about himself he ever heard was and he revealed it was the claim that he had received $1m, a car and a house from former President Mahama.

“I think the craziest one [rumor] which I wish was true was that the immediate past president, I call him JM…, had given some celebrities one million dollars cash each, a house and a car or some vehicles and I am like wow, if I had done something, maybe I deserve this. But obviously it is not true. I drive a Toyota.” he said.

He added: “But I think it is normal because of what has happened previously. Some of us you can’t buy us with money, cars and gifts. Unfortunately I didn’t get one million dollars. That was quite outrageous because I believe ninety nine percent of Ghanaians thought it wasn’t true,”

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