24 July 2017

Mac Jordan Amartey – I Wept Like A Child After My Leg Was Amputated


Veteran actor Mac Jordan Amartey has revealed how he wept his eyes out some few years ago when his leg was amputated due to diabetes.

Amartey told TV3 he wept and wept after the operation as he struggled to come to terms with his new reality.

The veteran star was one of Ghana’s best actors in his hey days but disappeared from the screens for a few years. It later emerged it was due to illness which left him weak and unable to move around as much as he used to.

“I wept and wept and wept when I lost my leg to diabetes…” Amartey told the Accra based station during a one-on-one interview.

“I used to tell myself, is this Mac Jordan Amartey? I do not want to remember those times again.”

Despite those bleak times, the actor acknowledges he has now come to terms with how things are and he’s even ready to act again if the role accommodates his disability.

“I can still act once I’m seated. You know, when I watch some movies, I feel there are scenes I could have added some interesting twists to if I were cast in them,” he added.

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