28 July 2017

LUCAS College enters Ghana’s education sector

LUCAS College has held its maiden Press Conference to announce its presence in Ghana’s educational sector. Accredited in December 2016, LUCAS College made it their prime mission to bridge the gap between Academia and Industry and equip students for success in the professional world.

Some of the guests present were Human Resource Partner IBM, Andy Mensah, Deputy Director of Operations of the Tourism Society of Ghana Emmanuel Frimpong, Director, Chamber of Commerce and Industry for France–Ghana (CCI) Delphine Adenot -Owusu and Lawyer/ Immediate Past Principal, National Banking College KwasiBuabeng.

They supported LUCAS mission and stated how critical it was for universities and the private sector to collaborate. By working together, they could train graduates to beready for the professional world.


Also President of LUCAS, Toufic Tasso said the  focus is on the challenge of unemployment that students face after graduation.

He  stated that, “From day one, we work to bridge the gap by providing an education that links students with experts in the field. These experts help create curricula, host workshops and play a key role in helping our students get internships and work experience.”


Additionally Dr. Hillar Addo highlighted other beneficial aspects of LUCAS by stating that the LUCAS will offer “A bilingual education that helps them work across the region,an intensive training in personal development and technology, access to the international partner colleges allowing them to earn international degrees out of Accra and to study and work abroad”.

Andy Mensah and Emmanuel Frimpong both backed the importance placed by LUCAS on practical training and skills development.

Credit: LUCAS College

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