24 July 2017

Love Island’s Camilla tells Jamie ‘love you’ for the first time during finale show as fans go into meltown

LOVE Island viewers finally got what they were hoping for tonight when Camilla Thurlow finally used the L-word with her show partner Jamie Jewitt.

Those listening carefully heard the posh bomb disposal expert say “Love you, bye!” to the Calvin Klein model near the start of the finale episode – and her supporters quickly lost their heads.

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Camilla Thurlow finally used the word ‘love’ when talking to Jamie[/caption]

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The couple also made emotional declarations of love[/caption]

The intimate moment came just as Camilla was heading off for her prom dress fitting, with Jamie telling her: “Go get ’em, honey!”

“Love ya, bye!” Camilla responded as Twitter went into overdrive.

The pair, who’ve been very reserved compared to the other couples – including winners Kem and Amber – also gave a gushing declaration of love to each other during the prom night.

Wearing a stunning pink gown, wordy Camilla told Jamie: “Jamie, at the time that you arrived in the villa, I thought my romantic journey on Love Island was over.

“I truly believe there is not a single other person who could have walked in the door to make me change my mind.”

She added: “I’m humbled on a daily basis by your ability to bring out the best in others and since you have been in the villa I have been able to show sides of myself to you that I have kept hidden for a very long time. Thank you.”

Camilla and Jamie declare their love for each other on the Love Island

Jamie, in response, read to her: “There are so many reasons writing something like this is so hard.

“Yet when you come to my mind it’s so easy to think of the amazing ways in which to describe you. This may seem like a contradiction but the most endearing thing about you is you’re exactly that.

“The amazing contradictions in your character that make you so special.”

Camilla and Jamie came second in the show

The pair then smooched, as it seems their “love” for each other finally blossomed.

Fans of the show were very pleased Camilla had opened up and told Jamie her feelings using the L-word as the pair prepare to rake in the dough together.

Camilla had a rocky ride on the show after her original partner Jonny shafted her for Tyla, before both of them were dumped from the show for not sticking with anyone.

Love Island concluded tonight with Jamie and Camilla coming second to victors Kem and Amber, while Chris and Olivia came third, and Marcel and Gabby came fourth.

Love Island contestants wake up in the villa for the final time

The hit ITV2 show has already been recommissioned for a 2018 series.

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