24 July 2017

Lord Paper Says Ghanaians Are ‘Perverts’ And That’s Why His ‘Awurama’ Video Blew Up Like Crazy


Lord Paper

Lord Paper says the only reason his ‘Awurama’ video blew up so quickly and went viral is because Ghanaians are perverts.

Paper said he did not expect the video to go that viral but it happened due to the perverted nature of the Ghanaian mind.

The North Kaneshie artist rose to prominence a couple years ago when his ‘Awurama’ video, which depicted a couple engaging in hot s*x, went viral and made him a household name overnight.

He later apologised for the video, insisting what it portrays were not the value he was raised up with, but he’s now saying the video was simply an innocent concept which Ghanaians made famous

He spoke on Class Fm over the weekend:

“The song itself was soul music; it was [about] love. There’re people who can do those kinds of songs, let’s say James Brown, Fela Kuti…and it’s amazing but the video concept was by Fiifi Grey. We were discussing the concept and I thought it was cool…we are going to be making love in the video, so I was like ‘cool let’s do this’. I didn’t even know it was going to blow or it was going to trend that fast but within that period of time, five hours, I got to know how much Ghanaians are perverts,”

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