08 August 2017

LIVE: Updates from Kenya election


Kenyans are voting for their new leaders today. Here, on this page, we are bringing you live updates from across the country.

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Presented by Joseph Kizza


12.45pm: Prisoners vote for first time ever

For the first time, Kenyan inmates are being allowed to vote. But they are casting ballots for the presidential candidates only.

Well, at least it’s something, right?

Pictured above are inmates waiting in line to cast their vote in Kisumu maximum prison in Kisumu.

At least 145 inmates have cast their ballot at the Kisumu maximum prison.

And here’s one of them . . .


Incumbent Uhuru Kenyatta appeared in great spirits as he cast his ballot a little while ago in Gatundu, Kiambu county.

Can he shake off the force that is rival Raila Odinga?

It won’t be long until we find that out.

Meanwhile . . .

. . . Kenyatta’s running mate and current Deputy President, William Ruto was in equally positive moods as he shook hands with supporters after voting at Kosachei Day School in his home constituency of Sugoi village near Eldoret in Uasin Gishu county.

11.43am: He went, he voted and he left

So what’s the main course on today’s political menu?


Uhm, of course no prizes for guessing right.

The Kenyan election is a staple for regional and international media alike. And in Eastern Province in Kenya, this Samburu warrior did what millions of other fellow Kenyans are doing today: Vote.

He was pictured arriving at this polling station in Nkirish to cast his ballot.

And after making his choice, he left the polling station as majestically as he had walked in. Head held up and proud to have exercised his right to vote.

11.30am: ‘Reject violence and incitement’ – Obama

On the eve of the crucial Kenyan election, former US president Barack Obama urged Kenyans to hold a peaceful and untainted election in the East African country where his father was born.

Full story HERE

This man pictured (above) waiting at a polling station in Kilimani Primary School, Nairobi reads a newspaper with the headline “Great day for Kenya”. The same paper ran the Obama story on the opposite page, if you have the critical eye.

11.05am: From the young to the old

It’s an election for all . . . from those voting for the first time to those bent with age, thousands have descended upon polling stations to cast their ballots.


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