19 July 2017


1. When is the deadline for the submission of entries?

ANS ~ Saturday, 26th August, 2017

2. When does the competition end?

ANS ~ Saturday, 7th October, 2017 (The same day as the Level III Quiz)

3. Do I need to pay or to buy forms to participate?

ANS ~ No, The Literacy Challenge is free and open for participation for all Junior High School Students. Your essay on the given topic is what gets you into the competition.

4. Will Level III of the Challenge be live on air?

ANS ~ Yes, it will.

5. Is the Literacy Challenge the same as The Write-Away Contest?

ANS ~ The Literacy Challenge is an improved version of the Write-Away Contest. This targets a wider range of audiences and more actively engages students from all 10 regions of Ghana. It also has 3 Levels of competition which challenges participants to do more, beyond just writing.

6. What are the prizes to be won?

ANS ~ 3rd Prize: GHc3,000
2nd Prize: GHc5,000
1st Prize: GHc10,000

Also, all of the Top 50 contestants will receive cash prizes.

7. Who will mark the essays from Level I?

ANS ~ Citi FM shall employ external examiners, for this purpose.

8. Who will mark the test scripts from Level II?

ANS ~ Citi FM shall employ external examiners, for this purpose.

9. How can I contact Citi FM for more information?

ANS ~ Call 0302 226 013 or 0205 973 973 for further information.

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