01 October 2016

LISTEN: Hajia 4 Real’s desperate attempt to wipe her ‘past’?

olew1rkaMona Faiz Montrage aka Hajia 4 Real, ex-girlfriend of contractor and businessmanKennedy Agyapong also known as Kenpong has surfaced again singing a new melody about a private engagement to a man who surprisingly is in Dance Hall king Shatta Wale’s fraternity.

The 24-year-old, who has the tendency of shooting her mouth off and brag indiscreetly, says she has now recognized her patterns and learning how to change them, as she is ‘tired of the series of controversies”.

Speaking to Hitz FM’s MzGee, Mona subtly admitted that her public conduct and character in the past have impeded her progress, hence the need to start a new chapter of her life.

She was, however, quick to add that she wants to keep her life simple now that she is a mother. “I have a child now, and I have a family to take care of,” she said, avoiding the many attempts by the interviewer to probe her past controversies.

Mona, who claims to be in a fashion business woman also hinted that she is now cool with her ex-boyfriend’s famous ex-wife Amanda Afriyie Acquah before she further touted her achievement of being the C.E.O of LVC Entertainment.

Hajia 4 Real is the same woman who was once accused of fraud by her ex-boyfriend, Adams who alleged that she was a professional prostitute, warning her boyfriend at the time Kenpong, that he could suffer a repeat of his fate.

“I have more money, more opportunities now than when I met her and after all that I have been through I will never even attempt to fall in love with her [again]. As a matter of fact, I have more beautiful women [than] her now. I have moved on.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if she is pulling the same tricks with this Kenpong guy with fake engagement. She is a serial Prostitute. I brought her to limelight. When her father was arrested in Tamale for rape charges, I was the one sending her money for court and legal fees. Like I said, the money I spend on this girl? Could have fed millions of homeless [people],” her ex-boyfriend was reported to have said at the time.

But could it be that Mona is back to wipe her ‘controversial’ past with a fresh start with her so called ‘secret husband’ and new mama mantra?

But could it be that Mona is back to wipe her ‘controversial’ past with a fresh start with her so called ‘secret husband’ and new mama mantra?


Source: asempanews.com

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