24 July 2017

Liam Fox hits out at Brexit doom-mongers saying they are ‘dreaming’ if they think they can halt our EU exit

LIAM Fox told Brexit doom-and gloom-mongers they are “dreaming” if they think they can halt our EU exit.

As the International Monetary Fund cut UK growth forecasts for 2017, the Brexit-backing International Trade Secretary insisted the economy was “robust”.

Liam Fox told Brexit doom-mongers they are ‘dreaming’ if they think they can halt Brexit
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And he said that record employment and foreign investment had proved those predicting catastrophe after the Referendum completely wrong.

It came as he once more insisted Britain would have to leave the EU single market and customs union at the end of March 2019.

And he said the EU would be punishing its own people if it delayed a free trade deal with Brexit Britain.

Speaking in the US, Mr Fox said: “Those who opposed us leaving the EU told us very explicitly that as soon as Britain votes to leave, economic chaos will come down on us, that we will require an emergency budget, rising taxes.

“Instead in the first full year after the Referendum we have seen growth in the stock market, the housing market, foreign direct investment in Britain is at an all-time high.

“Where is this dreadful economic Armageddon?”

He was speaking in America as he holds two days of trade talks
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He added: “Those intent on trying to thwart the process, hoping something will magically appear, they are dreaming.

“They would be better to put their efforts into ways we disaggregate ourselves.”

The IMF blamed a weak January to March as it said the UK economy may only grow by 1.7 per cent this year compared with earlier forecasts of 2 per cent. This is still higher than France and Italy.

Last year, ex-IMF chief Christine Lagarde warned Brexit would trigger a devastating recession in an intervention that came just six days before the Referendum.

He insisted the economy was ‘robust’ despite the IMF cutting UK growth forecasts for 2017
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Bu today the IMF said Brexit would be a “mild negative” for the economy.

New Lib Dem leader Vince Cable said: “The IMF has downgraded its growth forecast for Britain more than for any advanced economy.

“That is largely down to Theresa May’s determination to pursue an extreme Brexit that endangers our free trade with the world’s largest single market.”

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