10 August 2017

LG V30’s camera will have some amazing specs

As is customary, LG is slowly leaking the details about its upcoming V30 flagship smartphone weeks ahead of the launch. 

On Thursday, the company revealed the details about the phone’s camera, which will have some truly impressive specs. 

First, one of the lenses in V30’s dual camera setup on the back will have a f/1.6 aperture, which according to LG is the largest ever aperture on a smartphone camera lens. This means the lens will deliver 25 percent more light to the camera sensor, which would ideally result in better camera performance in low light conditions. 

The lens will also be made of glass, not plastic, which will further contribute to image quality, especially to better color reproduction. 

LG didn’t reveal all the details about the camera module, but it’s apparent that it will be a similar setup as in the company’s G6 and V20 phones, with one regular and one wide-angle lens. LG claims the V30’s wide-angled camera will cut edge distortion — which, from my testing of the G6, I know to be a very real issue that significantly spoils those wide-angle shots — by a third compared to the V20’s camera. 

Finally, the rear camera module on the V30 will be 30 percent smaller than on the V20. It will feature laser detection autofocus as well as both optical and electronic image stabilization and electronic image stabilization.

The bottom part of LG's V30. On August 31, we'll have a photo of the entire phone.

The bottom part of LG’s V30. On August 31, we’ll have a photo of the entire phone.

LG previously said the V30 will have a near bezel-less 6-inch screen. Other specifications of the phone, which is set to officially be unveiled Aug. 31, have not yet been revealed. 

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