03 August 2017

Let’s Throw Away Our ‘PhD’s’ And Support Our Own – Singer Becca Calls For Local Showbiz Harmony



Becca has called for Ghanaians to come together and support our own local artists instead of investing so much in ‘PhD’ – ‘pull him down’.

The singer was recently the target of some reports hitting at her for allegedly buying followers from other countries – on the back of the observation that she has a lot of followers but her posts see little interaction.

Responding to the attack on twitter, Becca took aim at the legendary ‘pull him down’ syndrome which allegedly afflicts most Ghanaians.

This ‘PhD’ syndrome claims that when a Ghanaian is successful, we enjoy bringing them down instead of helping them climb further up the ladder.

In response to the criticisms about her followers, Becca took to social media to call for more support for local artists rather than seeking to bring them down.

Check out tweet below…

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