02 August 2017

Lawyer for Mawako pepper man to appeal sentence

Lawyers for Mawarko Abelempke branch manager will be challenging the decision of an Abeka District Court sentencing Jihad Chabaan to nine months in prison for assault and causing harm.

The Lebanese-Ghanaian made the headlines after he was accused of dipping the face of a caterer at the restaurant, Evelyn Boakye into blended pepper.

He was charged with offensive conduct, assault and causing harm.

The Court on Wednesday August 2, 2017 found him guilty on two of the counts.

His lawyers had at the previous hearing presented terms of an out-of-court settlement in an attempt to get the court to discharge the accused person.

But the Magistrate, Justice Victoria Ghansah rejected the terms saying it was not properly before her.

But his lawyer, Julio De Medeiros in an interview on Adom News said even though he respects the verdict given by the court, he totally disagrees with it and will file for an appeal Thursday August 3, 2017.

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