18 July 2017

Lauren Goodger and jailbird Joey Morrisson ON THE ROCKS following explosive row after her very public fight with ex Mark Wright

LAUREN Goodger and her jailbird lover Joey Morrisson came close to calling their relationship quits after an explosive row last week.

It came just days after the 30-year-old’s very public fight with her ex-boyfriend Mark Wright.

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Lauren Goodger has reached breaking point with her boyfriend Joey Morrisson[/caption]

A source said: “Lauren and Joey had a furious argument and they came close to breaking up.

“They aren’t in a good place right now. The timing was bad given everything that happened with Mark last week.

“Lauren is madly in love with Joey but their circumstances make it incredibly frustrating.

“What would have been a normal argument for another couple turned into a blazing row.”

Earlier today Lauren was spotted out in Essex and appeared to be putting on a brave face.

She gave a tentative smile as she stepped out of her car in chic patterned trousers and a loose fitting top.


Joey has been behind bars since 2008 for a string of serious drugs related offences[/caption]

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Insiders reveal the pair had a furious row last week[/caption]

Our insider continued: “It wasn’t pretty and she made it clear how unhappy she was about what was going on between them.

“Lauren has been waiting for Joey and she’s devoted to him but this was their worst row yet and everyone can see it’s going to be a tough road ahead.”

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Lauren was left devastated by their argument[/caption]

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Friends tell The Sun Online they came close to breaking up[/caption]

Lauren Goodger shows off diamond ring engraved with jailbird lover's name

Joey has been behind bars since 2008 for serious drugs related offences.

He is expected to be released in 2018 and Lauren has been patiently waiting for him to come out, after expressing her desire to start a family with him.

Their row came just days after her spat with Mark, which saw Lauren claim the DJ had her kicked out of Sheesh in Chigwell.

Mark denied the claims and Sheesh later insisted it was because of Lauren didn’t have a booking.

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But Lauren has invested a lot into their relationship and is determined to make it work[/caption]

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The former Towie star has made no secret of her desire to start a family with Joey[/caption]

She stayed strong however and insisted she thought it was Mark who’d asked her to be removed.

Lauren told The Sun Online: “Mark thinks he’s the king of Essex. He’s so up his own a**e.

“I’d been sitting outside of Sheesh for a couple of minutes when two burly bouncers walked up to me.

“I said: ‘Is everything Ok?’ I still haven’t eaten a bean or had a sip of a drink. The one I didn’t know said to me: ‘You haven’t dined here tonight.” I said: ‘I tried to and I wasn’t allowed…’

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Her row with Joey came just days after her very public spat with her ex-boyfriend Mark Wright[/caption]

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Lauren insisted bouncers told her that she needed to leave Sheesh in Chigwell because ‘Mark was coming’[/caption]

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He denied Lauren’s claims and the restaurant later said it was down to her ‘behaviour’[/caption]

“He then said: ‘No, don’t talk over me, and Mark Wright’s on his way so I think it’s best you leave.’

“I said, ‘Ok, no worries’. I was so intimidated by these two big blokes standing over me and leaning over me into my face.

“I wanted the ground to swallow me up, I was so embarrassed and upset.”

In a statement, Sheesh said: “She was asked to leave because she never had a booking – she walked into the restaurant and sat on someones table she didn’t know so she could talk to her two friends on the table opposite.

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But Lauren has stayed strong and has refused to back down[/caption]

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She voiced her concerns on social media and through various interviews[/caption]

“We do not accept this behaviour at Sheesh. Mark Wright has never asked me to remove Lauren.

“Ridiculous statement. I have strict rules at Sheesh that management must follow; diners only, smart shoes only.

“It doesn’t matter who you are.”

The Sun Online has contacted Lauren’s representative for comment regarding her argument with Joey.

Lauren Goodger gyrates on the floor for sexy dance routine

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