28 August 2017

Late winter cold snap for SE

Temperatures first thing this morning were ice cold in Australia’s south east. Picture: Sky News Weather

IF YOU hadn’t noticed it’s absolutely freezing. Winter may be due to expire on Thursday but it’s steadfastly refusing to go gently into that good night.

And if you had to dig out your scarf this chilly Monday morning you may want to keep it close as the bracing conditions in Australia’s south east are set to last for much of this week.

It follows a weekend of snow and sub zero temperatures with the mercury falling to its lowest level in Victoria for almost half a century.

Snow didn’t just envelop the ski fields; it fell as low as 600m with the Blue Mountains and Canberra suburbs getting a dusting.

In some places, temperatures fell 10C below the August average.

“A strong cold front hit over the weekend, bringing a cold outbreak across the southeast,” Sky News meteorologist Tristan Meyers told news.com.au.

It was a little bit snowy in Mt Baw Baw this weekend. Picture: Supplied.

It was a little bit snowy in Mt Baw Baw this weekend. Picture: Supplied.Source:Supplied

“As the front rolled through Canberra, temperatures dropped from a 10C maximum at 9.30am [on Sunday] and then lingered between 4-7C throughout the afternoon.”

High pressure followed on behind the front which brought clear skies.

“The effect of this was an extremely cold night for southern NSW and northern Victoria particularly across the Alpine regions,” Mr Meyers said.

The thermometer in Mt Hotham fell to -10.4C early on Monday, the coldest temperature in Victoria for 43 years. The low of -4.8C in the NSW Riverina town of Griffith broke a 47 year record for the coldest August temperature.

The high in Sydney on Sunday was actually higher than the August average. But it didn’t feel that with the apparent temperature as much as 7C icier than the actual figure.

At 5.30am on Monday morning, 7.6C in the CBD actually felt like only a very brisk 0.5C.

Melbourne could only reach 10C when 15C in August is the norm.

The cold weather is here to stay for much of the week with chilly winds likely to make it feel much cooler.

“It’s going to be very cold on Tuesday morning throughout the southeast, with widespread frost yet again and temperatures down to -4C for the Southern Tablelands of NSW,” said Mr Meyers.

“Canberra and western parts of the Sydney basin should also expect frost during the morning.”


In Sydney a high of 16C on Monday will rise to 18C on Tuesday but with morning lows down to 8C most of the week. Just in time for spring it will warm up to 24C on the weekend.

Melbourne will struggle to get up to 15C for much of this week, dipping down to 6C in the mornings.

Expect -4C in Canberra on Tuesday morning and sub zero starts to the day for the rest of the week. The capital will see highs of between 14-17C before things warm up on the weekend.

There will be a high of just 12C on Monday in Hobart but that will be the coldest day this week, with a high of 17C by Friday. However, the mornings will stay cold, as low as 2C on Thursday.

Lows of 6C and highs of between 13-16C are due in Adelaide this week but the warmer weather should debut on Friday.

A false colour temperature map from 4.30am on Monday shows shades of green across Victoria and southern NSW where it was sub zero in many places. Picture: Bureau of Meteorology.

A false colour temperature map from 4.30am on Monday shows shades of green across Victoria and southern NSW where it was sub zero in many places. Picture: Bureau of Meteorology.Source:Supplied

Perth will be relatively balmy. Sunny and 24C on Monday but it will drop back to below 20C as the week goes. There is the threat of a storm on Tuesday.

Brisbane will have the best weather across the capitals with sunny skies and a high of 25C on Wednesday. Darwin will be 34C and sunny.

The owner of the Alpine resorts are loving the late snow flurries. The general manger of Mt Baw Baw, John Fascio, said 25mm fell on the resort on Saturday night.

“We’ve had an amazing last weekend of winter at Mt Baw Baw. The unexpected snowfall saw a huge increase in visitation in comparison to the same weekend last year with over 1000 day visitors alone making the trek up on Sunday.”

Mount Baw Baw should get more snow during the early part of this week as temperatures sink to -4C.

With -7C in Mt Hotham and -9C in Thredbo and Perisher the cold weather may make commuters grimace but for skiers it’s all smiles as we head into spring.


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