09 July 2016

Kwesi Nyantakyi cautions clubs threatening league pull-out

kwesinPresident of the Ghana Football Association Kwesi Nyantakyi has cautioned clubs to desist from the consistent threats of pulling out of the ongoing league due to lack of sponsorship insisting such acts are warding off prospective sponsors.

The FAC Executive Committee member argues that no prospective sponsor will love to sponsor a league in which clubs are pulling out.

He advised that the clubs must desist from such acts to open doors for sponsors who have shown interest to finally agree to sign a contract with the FA.

“The consistent claim of pulling out of the league is one of the major reasons why we’ve not been able to sign on new sponsors,” he told Kessben FM in Kumasi.

“You think anybody would like to sponsor the league when participating clubs keep threating to pull-out?

He then advised the clubs that they should rather table their claims at the appropriate quarters instead of running to the media to lay their grievances.

“The sad thing is that these clubs who threaten the pull-out rather go to the media to register their grievances.

“If indeed you have a problem, we are an association so you can table it for consideration instead of resorting to the media,” he added.

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