17 February 2017

Kwaw Kese feasts with Pantang Hospital on Vals Day


Rapper, Kwaw Kese on Valentine’s Day donated items worth millions of cedis to the Pantang Psychiatric Hospital.


As part of activities from the Kwaw Kese Foundation dubbed ‘Love Feast’ which is aimed at giving back to society, Kwaw together with his team and colleague rapper, Sarkodie donated items such a mattresses, flat Screen TVs, Toiletries and products from Joy industries to the Kwaw Kese Ward of the hospital.


Kwaw Kese has said it’s his passion to donate to the needy especially those who have been neglected by society.

“It appears the patients at the Pantang Psychiatric Hospital have been rejected and stigmatization is also on the increase, people do not want to get closer to them to show them love. Almost all philanthropists donate to children homes and the aged. Hardly do you hear people go there to check on the mentally deranged to show them love. I have vowed to show them love”.


Kwaw Kese after he was convicted in November 2014 for smoking marijuana in public launched the Kwaw Kese foundation with the aim of transforming Ghana prisons.

The Kwaw Kese Foundation, launched on August 19, 2015 presented a 20 years Development Project for Ghana’s prisons at the Ghana Prisons Service head office in Accra with the hope to raise funds to help as many prisons as possible. Subsidized meals, and the general makeup of what are prisons homes in bad state, will be key to its mission.


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