08 September 2016

Kwaku Bonsam shocks Aljazeera Journalist

bonsssamNana Kwaku Bonsam, a popular and rather intriguing spiritualist, treated a team of journalists from Aljazeera TV to a spellbinding display of incredible spiritual gymnastics and supernatural acrobatics when they visited his Akomadan-Afrancho shrine to produce an exclusive documentary on him last Sunday.

Bonsam shocked the journalists when during his fetish dance, he called one of visiting journalists into the centre of his forecourt, gave him a bunch of raffia to hold and then conjured fire from nowhere into the raffia.

While the raffia burned, Bonsam used his hands to regulate the flame and turned his palms skywards the flames which burned, but the ferocity of the fire dwindled each time Bonsam turned his palms towards the ground.

The traditional priest also went on a scary frenzy using a razor-sharp machete to cut his flesh without success. Though the same machete was able to cut down other objects and trees around, it simply could not cut through the flesh of the spiritualist.

“I have given all the exclusive right to Aljazeera, video, photography, audio and all the things that they recorded so I cannot talk about what we discussed and what they asked me and what I told them. But when they start showing it on television, then I have the right to talk about it.

“But when they finished they told me it was incredible and amazing and I am happy that Aljazeera came to my shrine and had a documentary on me and my people,” Bonsam told NEWS-ONE.



Source: dailyguideafrica.com

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