24 August 2017

Kumchacha – Ekow Micah Is A ‘Mad Man’ For Claiming God Smoked Weed In The Bible



Reggae star Ekow Micah recently said there was no need for marijuana to be criminalized, citing a bible verse which showed that even God smoked the substance.

Micah’s words have gotten under the skin of controversial and loudmouthed prophet Nicholas Osei, aka Prophet Kumchacha, and he’s hit back as strongly as he can.

According to the preacher, Micah must surely be sick in the head to entertain such thoughts.

“This man is really sick in the mind, he has a mental problem and needs a medical care” Kumchacha angrily said.

“Where did he see God smoke wee?”, he wondered.

According to the man who said he loves to ‘go down’ on his wife before preaching, Micah is surely an agent of the devil sent to win more souls for him.

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