01 August 2017

Kumawood Needs To Find Better Storylines Than Those About Village Life And Witchcraft – MP Charges


A scene from Kumawood

The Member of Parliament for the Manso-Adubia constituency in the Ashanti Region of Ghana, Hon Yaw Addo, has expressed concern over the fact that the Akan speaking movie industry is still stuck in the past despite the move into the 21st century.

According to Addo, producers in Kumawood are not embracing modernity and bringing out new stories which would reflect the move into the 21st century – instead, they keep recycling the same old movies depicting life in the village or about witchcraft.

According to him, the industry needs to move away from such stories.

“They need to move on and produce movies with contemporary ideas and story lines. But the contemporary issues being discussed today in movies is as good as when I was a little kid, where people are living in compound houses, village life, stories about witchcraft and these are the same old things they are doing in this 21st century.” he’s reported to have said.

According to Addo, Kumawood can only reach the level of world renowned industries like Hollywood if it learns how to reinvent itself to face a change in society.


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