20 January 2017

Kudalor goes; who’s next? [Article]


There is a new government, and there will be a new Inspector General of Police (IGP). The current IGP John Kudalor has already reached the mandatory retirement age of 60 and he is not in the good books of the current government to merit an extension of his stay in office.

Intense lobbying has already commenced and from inside sources, one of the current Commissioners of Police will soon be announced as the next IGP.

Over the years IGPs have been have selected from the prestigious group of Deputy Commissioners and Commissioners we have and President Akufo Addo from all indications, will nominate the next IGP from this stock of senior officers. But what are the politics involved in the selection of the next IGP?

There are currently ten Commissioners of Police (COP) in the Ghana Police Service who are all potential IGPs and members of the Police Management Board (POMAB), more like the cabinet of the service and according to seniority, are as follows;

1.COP Rose Bio Atinga, Director General, Research and Planning

2.COP Prosper Ablorh, Director General, Criminal Investigations Department

3.COP David Asante Apeatu, Director General, Information Communications Technology.

4.COP James Oppong Boanuh, Director General, Services

5.COP Frank Adu Poku, Director General, Technical

6.COP Christian Tetteh Yohuno, Director General, Operations

7.COP Moses Ninson, Director General, Administration

8.COP Beatrice Vib Sanziri, Director General, Human Resource Development

The other two Commissioners of Police outside the POMAB are COP Dr. George Akufo Dampare and COP Nathan Kofi Boakye.

Within the POMAB, the first two names who are not likely to make the list of potential IGPs are COPs Rose Bio Atinga and COP Prosper Ablorh.

The huge suspicion projecting them as allies of the previous government may not earn them a place on the list.

The suspicion (legitimate or not), may have been created as a result of their actions and inactions, when the NPP was in opposition for eight years.

When the former IGP retired, COP Ablorh was one of the senior officers tipped to succeed him but then COP Kudalor got the nod.
COP Christian Tetteh Yohuno won’t also make the list and this is why; He is one of the ‘trusted men’ of the current IGP John Kudalor.

He was appointed Director General of Operations when Mr Kudalor rose to become the new IGP.

The unfortunate perception of Mr Kudalor being ‘in bed’ with the NDC affects him [COP Tetteh Yohuno] too. You are free to loosely call it ‘guilty by association’.

As Accra Regional Police Commander he had a very close relationship with Mr Kudalor when he was Director General, Operations so it wasn’t surprising when Mr Kudalor elevated him to the top position he currently occupies.

He supervised most of the demonstrations held by pro-NPP groups such AFAG, some turned generally peaceful and others bloody. Remember some NPP members even dragged the Police to court over that incident?

COP Moses Ninson and COP Beatrice Vib Sanziri are fine senior Police officers. To rise to that rank reflects years of hard work and discipline. But unfortunately for them, their names won’t be on the list either.

To occupy the position of IGP, one must be very exemplary and possess unique leadership skills to effectively manage the service. Over the years, COPs or DCOPs who are almost due retirement have been the choice of many Presidents for appointment as IGP.

To this extent some COPs who are within the Police Management Board, POMAB, who are due for retirement may have a chance at the top seat, sometimes, just for a couple of years.

The lucky two

Ghana is likely to get its next IGP from these two names; COP David Asante Apeatu and COP Frank Adu Poku.

Asante Apeatu previously served as Director General of the Criminal Investigative Department (CID) between 2003 and 2007.

He is currently the Director General ICT of the Ghana Police Service and has been widely tipped to become the next IGP.

COP Frank Adu Poku also has chance of getting the top job after serving as Director General of the CID between 2007 and 2010. These two senior officers fall within the age range of 55-60 years.

In recent times all the IGPs have been 55 years old and above. The only people within this selectable group outside POMAB under 55 are COP Dr George Akuffo Dampare and COP Nathan Kofi Boakye. Meanwhile, whoever is appointed IGP will definitely shake-up the service with expected transfers and reshuffling across the country.

By: Franklin Badu Jnr/citifmonline.com/Ghana
Source: citifm online
Kudalor goes; who’s next? [Article]


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