04 February 2017

Kingmakers Give Adama Latse 14-Days Ultimatum …To Vacate Ga Palace


Kingmakers and Heads of the four ruling houses of Ga Paramount Stool in the Greater Accra region have denied the enstoolment of one Tackie George Adama Latse as Ga Mantse under the stool name King Tackie Adama Latse.

They have subsequently given him a 14-days ultimatum to vacate the Ga Stool House at Abola Tunma We and the Ga Mantse Palace at north Kaneshie alone, since he has never proven his lineage to any royal gate of the 4 ruling houses.

Failure by Adama Latse and his tags to adhere to the 14-day ultimatum, the Kingmakers stressed, will compel them to order their Gods to deal ruthlessly with them.

At a Press conference in Accra yesterday, Kingmakers and elders issued a stern warning to Adama Latse stop parading himself as the Ga Mantse since his gazette has been appealed against and a process is still pending before the Appeals Court in Kumasi for his name to be expunged from the National Register of Chiefs.

According to them, Nii Adama Latse cannot be a chief of the Ga State since he did not hail from any of the four royal ruling houses that constitute Ga Paramount Stool Dzase.

To this end, the Kingmakers thrown a strong word of caution to state institutions and the general public to stop doing business with Adama Latse or do so in their own risk.

The Kingmakers stated categorically that on Sunday August 2, 2015, Dzasetse of the Ga State, Dr, Nii Tetteh Kwei and accredited heads and elders of the Ga Paramount stool customarily and constitutionally enstooled Dr, Kelvin Nii Tackie Abia as the new Ga Mantse under the Stool name King (Dr) Tackie Teiko Tsuru II to succeed the late Nii Amugi, a substantive Ga Mantse.

According to them, the Ga State has been bedevilled with many unpleasant challenges with absolute greed, which spread within the dynasty succession, selfish acquisition and sale of lands.

They indicated that, although a new Ga Mantse has been installed, they are still dealing with certain bunch of recalcitrant and unmitigated traditional imposters who are enjoying support from certain honourable individuals in civil governance, but whose attitudes betray their honourability.

It was stated that under the 2nd February 2015 Ruling given by the Greater Accra Regional House of Chiefs (GARHC) in the aspect of the installation of a Ga Mantse, to elect and install a Ga Mantse after having put all the houses in order and to do the proper thing.

We hereby give George Abia Tackie purportedly known as Adama Latse an ultimatum of 14 days (from the date of this conference) to leave the Ga Stool House at Abola Tunma We and the Ga Mantse Palace at north Kaneshie alone since he has never proven his lineage to any royal gate of the 4 ruling houses, they stated.

They therefore indicated that, based on 2008 Ruling of the GARHC, the act and process of installing Adama Latse is void and a nullity and that George Abia Tackie cannot be chief of the Ga people.

It is a sacrilege and that would not be condoned by the Ga Paramount Stool Dzase being the legitimate custodians of the Ga Royal Stool.

Source: New Crusading Guide

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