27 July 2017

Kenzy takes fashion to another level in Brong Ahafo

Saeed Alhassan Tariq known in the fashion arena in Brong Ahafo region as Kenzy is making strides with his sleek designs.

With 10 years experience in the fashion industry Kenzy reveals the road has not been easy. His clients are unisex and cuts across all the ages in the country. He also cloths some journalists in the Brong Ahafo Region.
Kenzy revealed that, “The ten years in this industry has not been easy  but the grace of Allah I have come this far.I started work as “work and pay” for three years before perching with another friend working on my own for another three years before establishing Kenzy Designs Limited in 2015. Currently I have five workers and 12 apprentice.”

Apart from creating great designs for his numerous clients he has also established a modelling agency where people with passion for modelling are being trained.

Kenzy also noted that,”Enabling environment with low interest rates and support from banks and government would help him to expand his work across the country to create more jobs for the unemployed youth.

His ambition is to push the Kenzy brand to become a known one across the globe.

Kenzy admonished the youth,“They should not rush, they should under study the field very well and more over understand the kind of business they want to venture into this I believe would help them achieve their goal.

By: Michael Sarpong Mfum

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