10 February 2017

Kenyan President Dances, And DABS, In Music VIDEO (Watch)


Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta has appeared in a music video alongside the popular Kenyan dance crew FBI, in which the President coolly does the dab. Dancing along with members of the group to the song “Bamba Kura Yako” – the video is a media strategy aimed at getting young people more involved in the political process.

In the video, Kenyatta cannot dance to save his life but does ok when it comes time to dab.

Kenyans are far from impressed with the President’s dabbing, wondering why he has time to engage in such trivialities at a time the country is facing a crippling doctor’s strike and are in the grips of a drought.

“A very immature, insensitive President we have. Doesn’t care about the plight of Kenyans. Shame on us! #DabOfShame” one user wrote on twitter, juxtaposing photos of the President’s dab with people drinking dirty stream water to survive the drought.

Some however, are squarely on the President’s side – another user writing – “I really liked this because I imagined how my dad would move. I laughed and clapped for you just like I would cheer my dad,”

Kenyatta is hardly the first African leader to dab; Ghana’s own John Dramani Mahama has publicly tried the dab, twice! Of course, he went on to lose elections after that, so let’s see where this one goes.



Source: ghanacelebrities.com


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