28 January 2017

Kenyan Couple Go Viral After Getting Married Wearing Just T-Shirts In Simplest Ceremony Imaginable


A Kenyan couple are tearing up the internet after photos of their super simple wedding ceremony hit the web.

Identified as Ann and Wilson Mutura, the pair put on a wedding with none of the extravagant expenditure that has come to characterise the ceremony on show.

They were dressed in simple t-shirts for the event, for Christ’s sake!

Throwing unaffordable lavish weddings has become something of a pastime these days, with couples spending money they don’t have to have that one ‘big day’ – but after which all sorts of problems arise.

This couple have no interest in any of that, and their unorthodox wedding has earned them a lot of attention on social media, with most praising the move. Ironically, I think, none of those praising it would probably agree if their own wedding was on the line.

Anyway, kudos to these two for going their own route. They should be held as an example, not necessarily as what everyone should do but the way to approach the wedding day – contrary to conventional wisdom, it’s the long marriage ahead that is most important, not the one off wedding day.


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