19 August 2017

Kanye Crossed The Line When He Mentioned My Wife And Daughter In His Rant – Jay Z


Jay Z and Kanye West

American Rap lords, Jay Z and Kanye West who were best friends but now distant relatives may not reunite as good old friends anytime soon as Hov hints.

Hip Hop heads have agreed Jay threw shots at Yeezy in his 4:44 album and this sort of explains why Jay took a dig at Kanye.

In 2016, Kim K’s Hubby in a middle of a concert called out the Carters for making their friendship a sour one. He said Jay Z never brought Blue Ivy to his home to play with his children.

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According to a TMZ report, Jay Z appeared on the Rap Radar podcast with Elliott Wilson and B.Dot where he lamented that he’s had countless issues with Kanye but he never crossed the lines to Yeezy’s family.

To Jay Z, he, therefore, sees Kanye’s 2016 rant as uncalled-for and disrespectful to his family.

When Kanye mentioned B and the kids, That’s a problem. That’s a real REAL problem.

According to the report, Jay said Kanye knows how seriously pissed off he is … and they(Jay Z & Kanye) are not close to resolving it.

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