08 August 2017

Kaakie Announces Her Break From Management XLM After Samini Chose Ebony Over Her


Dancehall star Kaakie has announced her split from her management team Xtra Large Music.

In a lengthy post on social media, Kaakie simply announced the split, giving little details over what might have led to it.

However, numerous reports put the reason for the split at Samini, CEO of the High Grade Family.

HGF and XLM have worked together numerous times and its believed the comments from Samini left Kaakie disappointed with her mentor and triggered the move.

Samini had said in an interview that he sees Ebony as having more potential than Kaakie, who he has a ‘limit’ on.

The truth is probably more complex than that but for now many people believe Samini’s comments led to Kaakie’s move.

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