17 July 2017

John Mahama’s meeting with the Greater Accra regional executives, illegal – Action Movement

The action movement of the NDC has become aware of a purported press release signed by the Greater Accra regional Secretary of the NDC – V.S. Quarshie Adonoo, inviting the regional executives for a meeting with the former leader, John Mahama at the MP’s Caucus Club House at La on Friday 21st July 2017.

Much as we cannot fault Mr. Mahama for kick starting his campaign for 2020 flag-bearership elections, we would like to put on record that this meeting is illegal and completely at variance with our internal democratic experiment.

The NDC constitution is very clear on how meetings are held. Such meetings and outreach programs are always held under the auspices of the Functional Executive Committee.

Nowhere in the NDC Constitution does it allow for non-functional executives to call for such meetings with Regional Executives. Mr Mahama is not the leader of the party and so, in what capacity is he calling for this meeting?

When this man was President and Leader of the party, he never thought it prudent to meet regional executives for any party activity. Today, he has realized that there’s a need for him to meet regional executives?

Clearly, the former leader is in a ‘comfortable lead’ to jumpstart his campaign for a possible comeback to lead the party. But he must be called to order – he is destroying the party.

Just six months after the humiliating defeat, Mahama is back on the field ignoring party structures and violating the party’s constitution with impunity all in an attempt to force himself on the people for a selfish one term?

As a former leader, he needs to respect the structures of the party and act within the confines of the structures. There are other potential leaders interested in running for office but they are patiently waiting for the party leadership to set the ball rolling before they get down to work.

If the party leadership had any backbone, Mr Mahama should have been sanctioned by now. This is how democracy dies. No individual is bigger than the party. Every party person who believes in our constitution needs to stand up to Mahama.

This must not be allowed to continue.

Action Movement – NDC


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