05 July 2017

Jilted Husband Commits Suicide | Crime

A 40-year-old fuel attendant at Weija in the Ga South Municipality of the Greater Accra Region, who was deserted by his wife after he lost his job, has committed suicide by hanging.

The body of Kwadwo Asiedu was found hanging on the ceiling in his room by the landlord and other neighbours on Monday morning.

His wife (name withheld) and their two children were said to have relocated to Asamankesse in the Eastern Region two months ago after a misunderstanding ensued between the couple, according to residents.

Reports said that the woman left her husband immediately he lost his job and he took to drinking alcohol excessively.

ASP Efia Tenge, Accra Regional Police Public Relations Officer (PRO), told DAILY GUIDE that Weija Police received information about the death from the landlord of the deceased on July 3, 2017 around 10am.

When the police got to the scene, they found Kwadwo Asiedu hanging on the ceiling with a bathing sponge.

The body was taken to the police hospital morgue pending autopsy.

Meanwhile, some neighbors have told the paper that the deceased drunk alcohol excessively on daily basis.

While some attributed his action to the conduct of the wife, others said he started drinking after he lost his job out of frustration.

The deceased was last seen on Friday, June 30, 2017 returning from town, according to neighbors.

He was never seen again until some foul scent emanated from the room on Sunday morning.

The landlord, who claimed the deceased owed him rent for a number of months, came to the house to demand his money but the door had been locked.

The neigbours complained to him about the foul scent that was emanating from the deceased’s room.

Under the supervision of the landlord, the room, which was locked, was forcibly broken into.

A report was lodged with the Weija Police and after investigations, it was transported to the police hospital morgue.

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