02 August 2017

Jesus Christ Was Buried In The Volta Region – Residents Of Wusuta Claim (Video)


The entire enterprise of religion is a matter of people believing improbable things based on faith.

Whilst the religious would complain when it’s pointed out that the miracles and myths they believe in are without evidence – the simple truth is that due to this evidence free nature of religion, anyone can come up with their own ‘facts’.

For example, the Christian’s ‘fact’ is that Yahweh created the world and that Jesus is his only begotten son. The Muslim’s fact is that Allah created the world and that Mohammed is his one and only messenger. Despite the fact that both of these can’t be true, both sides believe it with equal fervour but maintain theirs is the fact all the same.

There are 4,000 other versions of this same story and they all claim they’re right without producing any evidence.

But we digress; Christians in the Volta Region of our own Ghana claim that Jesus Christ was actually buried in their town.

Don’t worry, it’s a religious claim so no evidence is needed, people believe it all the same.

Watch video below…

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