28 July 2017

Jeremy Kyle guest had sex with a man who ‘WON’ her in a strip poker game and now wants a DNA test to prove her daughters have different dads

A mother – who conceived daughter after a man won sex with her a poker game – went on Jeremy Kyle to prove her daughters have different dads with D.N.A. test.

Marie, 54, wanted to prove once and for all that the man Michelle, 29, believed to be her father was her dad after rumours suggested otherwise.


Marie wen to on the Jeremy Kyle Show to prove that her daughters didn’t have the same dad[/caption]

Marie claimed that her three older children were all fathered by the same man while Michelle was fathered by Tony.

Tony and Michelle became involved after he drew the highest card in a poker game where the prize was a sexual liaison with Marie.

Marie wanted to prove that Michelle was in fact Tony’s daughter with the help of Jeremy Kyle’s D.N.A. test.

Marie accused Michelle and her half sister Suzanne, 34, of being abusive jealous and “wicked witches of the west”.

Jeremy explained that she claimed: “She had no choice whatsoever but to give them up and they have never forgiven her. They make her life hell.”

She also announced that following the lie detector she wanted nothing more to do with her children.


Michelle and Suzanne wanted to confront their mum for their treatment when they were younger[/caption]

Marie said: “I’m not a prefect mother – I’ve made mistakes. I couldn’t fight social services.”

Both Suzanne and Michelle had questions they wanted answers to.

Suzanne explained that she had been taken into care as baby.


Marie had sex with Michelle’s dad Tony after she was ‘won’ in a card game[/caption]

She said: “I was 9 months of age, I was in a mother and baby unit with her and she decided alcohol and drugs was more important so she decided to leave me in the mother and baby unit.”

Suzanne was fostered and later adopted at the age of 12 but had no contact with her mum until she was 15 years old as she claimed a court order in 1984 cut contact between them when Marie failed to turn up for a scheduled visit.

The daughter branded their mother “a compulsive liar”.

Michelle however explained that her mum Marie left her with a friend at 18 months old covered in dirt and with a soiled nappy.


Jeremy Kyle tried to build bridges between the mother and her daughters[/caption]

The friend contacted her dad Tony who raised her from then onward.

Tony said: “I’ve been a brilliant father, I’ve always been there for her since she was 18 months old.”

The D.N.A. test results proved that Tony was in fact Michelle’s daughter.

The family tried to build a relationship with Graham’s help.


Graham will be working with the women to see if they can build relationships between them[/caption]

Both daughters and Marie were offered counselling to build their relationship with Graham’s help.

Earlier this week a smug Jeremy Kyle guest bragged she was an “upgrade” on her partner’s ex and she gave her man sex every day… but cruel trolls were more interested in her “moustache”.

While burly security guard held a fuming Jeremy Kyle guest in a HEADLOCK as he tried to storm backstage.

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