21 July 2017

I’ve Not Checked On Christabel Ekeh Because She’s Not My Friend – Kafui Danku (Video)


Actress Kafui Danku says she has not checked up on Christabel Ekeh since her n*de pics saga because she’s not exactly friends with the Ghanaian/Nigeriann actress.

Kafui Danku also admitted, in an interview with Joy News’ MzGee, that there’s an entrenched culture in the industry when people don’t check on one another even when they hear someone is in difficulty.

Christabel Ekeh has been making waves in recent days after she released n*de photos of herself which she posted on social media, claiming it was part of the new ‘her’.

Asked by MzGee whether she had checked on Ekeh since the issue came up, Danku said she wasn’t really cool with Ekeh for her to do that. She said she didn’t want to hear any criticism from Ekeh if she tried to advice her on the issue.

“In the industry there is somebody you’re cooler with, you can laugh together and you can hit that person. But this one is just some hello hello things,”

She added, “Maybe she knows what she was doing, I don’t want to interfere. I don’t want to hear; Are you the one to teach me or tell me? You’re not my manager sort of things.”

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