11 August 2017

‘I’ve Never Counselled On Radio Or Tv’ – Says Counsellor Lutterodt Who Does Nothing But ‘Counsel’ On Radio/Tv


If you’re surprised by this pronunciation from the good counsellor you’re not alone, because we never see him do nothing but ‘counsel’ everyone about their lives when on air.

Lutterodt tells women to leave their ‘poor husbands’ or advises people when to have s*x but according to him, he’s never counselled on air before.

“A counsellor is one who counsels people who bring their issues to him…, He doesn’t offer an advice, and that is why I have never counselled on radio and TV before. I have never done that in my life for the past 10 years.’’ he said.

Lutterodt was speaking on Rainbow Radio and commented on assertions that’s he’s not a professional counsellor.

“I am a biomedical clinical technician in the hospital. The big Teaching Hospital of this country, I mean their equipment…I have gone through counselling, I’ve gone to school and I graduated in 2005 and I still go to school every month.’’ he asserted.

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