01 August 2017

I’ve Changed I’m More Mature Now – Says Mzbel



Singer Belinda Nana Ekua Amoah, more commonly known as Mzbel, is adamant that she’s now a changed person and she wants people to see that about her.

The ’16 Years’ singer, whose middle name since springing onto the scene has been controversy, says her past mistakes makes people unable to realise that she has now changed.

She spoke on ‘Tonight’ and owned up to her past mistakes, but indicated a desire to show people the new, matured Mzbel.

“I am not so proud of some the things I did in the past.” she began.

“It looks like how people get to know you from the beginning, is what sticks in their mind. It is very difficult to erase the memory of who you used to be. So it is difficult but I am trying to do my best.”

She continued: “When people hear the name Mzbel, they expect to see like some bad girl character; showing some skin, wrestlers, acting crazy, you know but with age things change and I expect people will grow with me like that.

“But, no, no, no, no they think that you are faking or so many things. They don’t wanna accept it but I think with time they will have to because I have grown and I have changed. I am a mother now and I am more matured now.” she concluded.

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