09 August 2017

It is good to hear Ruth Davidson talk sense on immigration and call for 100,000 target to be axed

IT is good to hear a senior Tory like Ruth Davidson talk sense on immigration and call for the annual 100,000 target to be axed.

It is a random, nonsense figure, ­probably impossible to achieve without ­damaging the economy.

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Ruth Davidson – said the party had to ask if the ‘tens of thousands’ goal was ‘the right one’[/caption]

Yes, immigration must fall — it is too high for our public services and some communities to cope with.

But the Scottish Tories’ leader is right to say Britain needs a serious debate about a level that works for businesses without further overwhelming schools, hospitals, housing and transport.

We agree that foreign students, paying to be temporarily ­educated at our ­universities, should be taken out of the total . . . unless they stay on to work.

And our firms must train Brits and wean themselves off cheap foreign staff.

Let’s be crystal clear, though. While Brexit WAS NOT about some rigid, low migration total it WAS about taking back control over the flow to suit our needs.

Free movement will always deny us that ­. . . and must end.

George Osborne praises Ruth Davidson as 'heroine' of the Tories

Soft justice

KENNETH Noye is a vicious double killer prone to violent rages.

Not a man to move to a cushy open prison, ready for release.

Some think he deserves a chance. But Noye had plenty of those and blew them.


Road rage killer Kenneth Noye is to be transferred to an open prison after the Justice Secretary rubber-stamped a recommendation from the Parole Board[/caption]

He killed a cop in 1985 but persuaded a court he stabbed him ten times in self-defence.

He was caged over the Brink’s-Mat robbery and freed early, only to murder a young man and flee.

Now the Parole Board and Justice Secretary have cut him yet another break.

Let’s hope their gullibility doesn’t cost another innocent life.

Ben betrayed

IT should shame the MoD that our most injured Afghanistan veteran is having to sue to get the care he needs.

Ben Parkinson is a high-profile war survivor awarded the MBE for charity work.

Louis Wood – The Sun

‘Defence and NHS officials must get their act together for every wounded hero’[/caption]

If even he is being short-changed, how many others are?

Defence and NHS officials must get their act together for every wounded hero.

Mind the gap

IT’S fantastic that pensioners are much better off than they once were.

But it has come at a cost the Tories must address.

OAPs’ incomes have rocketed over the past 40 years — including by 13 per cent since 2008, nine years during which working people’s have gone backwards.

The sensible option in austere times is to take from the richest pensioners and give a leg-up to the younger generation.

But the Government will not risk that again after its election fiasco.

It is vital, though, to focus on helping working people — with deeds, not words.

Tax cuts and many new homes will help.

State pension age to rise to 68 by 2039, government announces
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