06 July 2017

It Is Exactly 3 Years Castro Got Missing – His Manager Pays Tribute


Castro De Destroyer

Today marks exactly three years when Ghanaian Hiplife kingpin, Castro De Destroyer got missing in Ada with Janet Bandu.

The singer went on a chilling spree with his old time friend Asamoah Gyan who recently narrated line to line how “Under” got missing and certainly dead by now.

Gyan’s recent interview from which he believes Castro is dead didn’t settle down well with Castro’s Manager – Dj Amess. He told Tv3’s entertainment news team that the interview gave him sleepless nights to believe Castro is actually dead. He profoundly spoke about his Artiste very emotionally.

What made me down koraa was the fact that my boy may not come back again, I wept throughout the night, I have not been myself since that interview,” Dj Amess said.


He continued that “If not because of him, I wouldn’t have sat in a helicopter mpo, Castro will make sure always you have something to live with. He has been telling me if you have a very peaceful mind, then you can also suggest something good for him but today he is no more … Dj Amess DJ Amess who knows me, he made me look like Chief in my own Palace

In four years time, Castro will be legally declared dead. Do you think he will ever return before that time and what do you miss about him?

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