06 June 2016

Is Mzbel Not Too Old For This?…Puts Her Butt On Display… (PHOTO)

MzbelMzbel is well known as the Queen of Unadulterated Tackiness—but since she became a mother coupled with age, some of us thought she was going to clean her closet and begin to serve her fans with real art, instead of igniting conversations on the back of sex.

I guess we were wrong; we did not consider other factors such as how much Mzbel is struggling for a comeback and how much artistes like her consider sex appeal as the ultimate selling point.

So we’ve been served, but not really surprisingly.

Mzbel 1Mzbel is currently working on a music video from which she has given us some photos, literally telling us it’s going to be a showcase of her butt, boobies and lingerie.

After having been doing this for many years, she should realize that this isn’t the way forward.


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