28 June 2017

Is Israel The Only Place One Can Pray To God To? Bishop Daniel Obinim Criticises Christian Pilgrimage Plans Of Gov’t


Bishop Daniel Obinim has condemned the news that government is planning to sponsor a pilgrimage of Christians who want to go to Israel.

Speaking on Abusua Fm, the controversial preacher surprisingly kicked against the idea, wondering why we need to send Ghanaians to Israel to pray to God when one could pray anywhere.

“…Are we going there to pray for Israelites or we are going there to pray for ourselves and Ghana? Is Israel the only place one can pray and is that what God has directed us to do”, the preacher wondered on the EIB owned station.

“If we are going to pray for Ghana why must it be in Israel, is that where God is? We pray and miracles happen here in Ghana and people from outside come here to witness and also to be prayed for. I am therefore at a loss as to why we will subscribe to such an exercise”,

Obinim added that he would only support the idea under one condition – if the trip was simply a tourist attraction to check out where Jesus lived his life.

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