17 October 2016

Irbard Ibrahim disagrees with ‘Draconian’ fashioned EC

irbad-ibrahim Ambassador for the 2016 election, Irbard Ibrahim, has chided the Electoral Commission(EC) for the disqualification of certain political party candidates from contesting the December election, accusing the EC of acting in a “draconian” fashion.

The security analyst expressed his misgivings about the decision and warned: “the country may not be able to meet the December 7 deadline.”

Ambassador Irbad believes the EC has made some “blunders” in their approach and hence things could look murkier for the electoral body as some aggrieved parties heads to the court to seek redress.

“Why must somebody be disqualified just because that he has not dotted an “I” or crossed a ‘T’, can this be a strong basis to disqualify people from contesting? This is draconian and it might open the floodgate for more serious trouble” he lamented.

The Electoral Commission’s decision to disqualified 13 presidential candidates has stoked heated debate in the country, creating room for speculations that suggests the EC is doing the bidding of the ruling party.

The Progressive People Party has on Friday filed a suit against the Electoral Commission at an Accra High Court seeking an order from the court to prohibit the Electoral Commission from placing only four presidential candidates on the ballot paper.

Irbard Ibrahim, whilst conceding that administrative errors were committed in the filling out of the forms, opined that those mistakes should not be grounds for disqualification.

“Papa Kwesi Nduom is known in Ghana, he has contested as Flag bearer for the CPP in 2008.He has contested as Flag bearer for the PPP in 2012, so why disqualify him? If he had committed treason then we can agree with the disqualification.

“It is not because Hassan Ayariga is an ex convict, or Akua Donkor is been accused of committing felony.Failure to dot an “I” or crossing a “T” should not be the reason to end somebody’s presidential ambition.I totally disagree with the EC”

The Islamic scholar however said, with a firm belief, that this year’s election will be one which will be the most peacefully held without any flash of violence.

“I am an optimist and I have strong belief that this election will be the most peacefully held election ever since the country returned to civilian rule in 1992.

“Ghanaian are so sophisticated now and i do not believe there is any Ghanaian who would want to sacrifice his life for politicians just because of a small token,” he added.

Source: ghanaguardian.com

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