18 June 2017

IRA victims may get MILLIONS of pounds in compensation as part of DUP deal to keep Theresa May and Tories in power

VICTIMS of IRA terror attacks could get millions of pounds in compensation as part of a deal to keep Theresa May in power.

The PM is being urged to fork out up to £1billion in return for Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party propping her up.

PA:Press Association

DUP leader, Arlene Foster, arrived in London earlier this week to begin talks with Theresa May[/caption]

At least 300 families of people killed or maimed in Libyan-sponsored atrocities have been denied justice – despite millions being handed to American, French and German victims.

But DUP deputy leader Nigel Dodds is demanding a pledge that payouts will be made within two years if his MPs agree to vote with the Tories.

One reason for the delay in Mrs May winning the party’s support is down to efforts to thrash out a compensation plan.

Nigel Dodds

Nigel Dodds believes this compensation to the victims of the Libyan-sponsored atrocities should have been paid decades ago[/caption]

A source said: “It’s an opportunity to ensure the victims get the compensation they should have received decades ago. We’re determined to seize it.”

Terror victims killed in attacks backed by Colonel Gaddafi want a share of Libyan assets frozen by the British government.

For 28 years, the tyrant, executed in 2011, gave the IRA Semtex used for bombings in the UK.

Getty Images

Colonel Gaddafi was killed in 2011 and now the UK Government are in talks with the new leader of Libya over the frozen assets[/caption]

Ministers are bogged down in talks with Libya’s new leader over compensation in return for unfreezing £10billion worth of the country’s assets in the UK.

But the DUP is demanding that if no solution is found within two years, the British government will fund the payouts – and reclaim it from Libya at a later stage.

Arelene Foster arrives in London for talks with Theresa May
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