17 July 2017

Instead of attacking each other, Tory MPs should be focusing on delivering Brexit and keeping Corbyn out

THE Tories should be ruthlessly focusing on two targets — delivering a successful Brexit and keeping Marxist Jeremy Corbyn out of Number 10.

Instead, the party’s big beasts are busy drawing targets on each others’ backs.

Chancellor Philip Hammond is under pressure to alleviate austerity measures after the Tory's General Election debacle
Chancellor Philip Hammond at loggerheads with other Tory frontbenchers
PA:Press Association

Chancellor Philip Hammond is out to weaken the EU negotiating hand of Brexit Secretary David Davis.

Davis loyalists brief furiously against Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson. ­Hammond blames Michael Gove.

Their common enemy: Theresa May, whose job they all covet.

David Davis
David Davis is also fighting with MPs
Getty Images

Liam Fox says Tory backbenchers are furious. As he rightly points out: “The only people smiling at this will be in Berlin and Paris.”

French confidence has been buoyed by desperate Remain plots to destabilise Brexit — typified by Tony Blair’s ­ludicrous intervention this weekend.

Leaked memos reveal Paris now has its sights set on stealing away the ­business of the City of London, the jewel in Britain’s economic crown.

Philip Hammond: 'I'm not going to talk about what was said in a private Cabinet meeting '
Boris Johnson wants the Prime Minister's job
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Clearly, this is no time for a circular firing squad of Tory leadership hopefuls leaving the door open for Corbyn.

And to make a success of Brexit we need grown-up politicians prepared to put aside personal ambition and unite in that vital common purpose.

Enough is enough.

Parking crime

Jon Rowley

Sue Prior has been battling parking fines handed out by private parking companies at the University Hospital of Wales[/caption]

FOR years patients have had to suffer the misery of rip-off hospital parking charges.

Now we reveal that doctors and nurses at one Cardiff hospital have been hit with £12.8million in parking fines.

Jon Rowley

Medics have been at war with private company Indigo that runs the hospital car park over its lack of staff spaces[/caption]

Hard-pressed medics working overtime were targeted by private firm Indigo for staying longer than 12 hours. A judge has told them they must cough up £128 per ticket, plus legal costs. One nurse is thought to owe £150,000.

The Sun has campaigned tirelessly to end scandalous hospital parking ­charges for patients and vital staff.

Jon Rowley

A court ruled staff must pay £128 for every ticket they have received, plus £26,000 in court fees[/caption]

The money to pay for it can come from the £7.1billion the NHS wastes every year.

The Wild Web

The research also suggests that the increase in cyberbullying as a result of the increase of using social media have been overblown
Twitter and Facebook chiefs will be ordered to face MPs to explain their lack of action against trolls who heaped abuse on election candidates
Getty Images

TWITTER and Facebook will be grilled by MPs over failing to curb appalling bullying by trolls during the ­General Election.

But why stop at discussing abuse of Parliamentary candidates? Every day thousands of people are innocent ­victims of virtual hate mobs.

Social media is a Wild West that needs proper policing.


Jodie Whittaker
Jodie Whittaker will be the next Dr Who
Getty Images – WireImage

FEDORA hats off to Jodie Whittaker, our first female Dr Who.

Traditionalists may moan but she is an inspired choice at the right time.

And Jodie proves the Universe really is a Broadchurch.

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