14 July 2017

Indian Company Institutes Policy That Gives Women On Their Period A Day Off


A company in India has instituted a new policy whereby women who are menstruating get the first day of their periods off.

‘Culture Machine’, which counts 75 women among its employees, said the policy is aimed at making the company more ‘female friendly’. 

They are also calling on other companies in India to follow their lead and implement the policy by signing a petition to do so.

“Everyone knows that men and women are biologically different. However, the real progress of the human civilisation can only occur when we understand and honour these differences,” the petition reads.

“It’s no secret that period cramps are the worst, but over the years women have had to show up at work and mask their pain with silly excuses,” it goes on.

The company plans to deliver the petition, which currently has over 23,000 petitions, to India’s Ministry of Woman and Child Development and Ministry of Human Resource Development.

They hope by their petition, every woman in India would be able to benefit from the first day of period off that their employees currently enjoy.

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