11 July 2017

I’m still leader of the PNC irrespective of Ambassadorial post – Edward Mahama

The 2016 Flagbearer of the People’s National Convention(PNC), Dr. Edward Mahama is still holding himself as the Leader of the party despite his new portfolio as the Ambassador at Large in the ruling party.

He insisted his status within the party “remains the same until the party goes to congress” later.

Dr. Nasigiri Mahama was assigned that role as Ambassador at Large by the President of the land on Monday.

His portfolio was granted him at an event held at the Flagstaff House in Accra on Monday, July 10, 2017.

The instrument that goes with the office was also handed to him by the President. He was among 21 persons who received their credentials to serve as Ambassadors.

Dr. Mahama, Kasapafmonline.com understands, was invited in January by the President to discuss how best he could also help the country to develop.

However, his party-PNC seems disappointed with him[Mahama] taking up that role without recourse to laid down procedures and prior notification to the party.

General Secretary of the Party, Atik Mohammed contends the party will have to meet shortly to take a decision on Mahama and his involvement with the ruling party.

“The PNC is not like a kiosk where the owner can come in at anytime to clear the goods in it. There are rules on how the PNC should operate. We can only wish him and the PNC will continue … May be there is a bigger opportunity ahead. But if you look at what he [Dr. Edward Mahama] has done, his loyalty has been brought to question,” he noted.

But Dr. Mahama maintains his new role falls in line with his political ambitions, adding this is another opportunity for him to serve God and Ghana after missing the Presidency in the last elections.

He claimed he will convened a standing committee meeting to inform the party hierarchy of his new role in the next few weeks.

Notwithstanding the brouhaha over his position as Leader of the PNC now on the back of what the party says is the breach of loyalty, Dr. Mahama said his position as the Leader of the PNC is intact and could only vary when the party goes to Congress.



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