25 September 2016

I’m not a political animal – Actor Mawuli Semevo

hqdefaultIt’s a political season once again and as usual some celebrities here in Ghana are busily endorsing and campaigning for their respective parties.

But Legendary Ghanaian veteran actor, Mawuli Semevo has reiterated that he is not a political animal .

Speaking in a one-on-one intense interaction with Rossy of www.razzonline.com, in connection with whether he will also endorse a political party, Mawuli who holds a long history in his acting career, said he doesn’t believe politicians:

“Every human being is a political animal but I don’t believe politicians; so I wouldn’t endorse any political party…i wouldn’t want to go beyond that”, Mawuli solemnly quipped.

Touching on whether he will vote or not, the seasoned actor disclosed that the first two times that he voted; it was his mother’s doctor who convinced him to vote because,

“when you tell me you’ll give me something and you don’t give it to me, it hurts me. So you can imagine the kind of person that i am”,Mawuli explained

Upon persuasion to ascertain whether he will be voting or not, the ace veteran actor who is well noted for movies such as Foriwa, Firestorm, Harvest at 17 and the popular TV Theatre series, indicated that those two times he voted, he made those decisions on the voting day. So he will make the decision again on the voting day since he needs to take a lot of things into consideration.

He advised that, “We should not allow ourselves to be swayed or get carried away by the politicians. They are friends, but sometimes they talk to us and we react with our hearts; excuse me to say; but not with our heads..when we are arguing amongst ourselves, they are meeting at Labone coffee shop and…

“So I believe that, no matter what, we all can not have the same opinion or agree on the same things- With our differences we are one and same people so we should just peacefully express our views and that is all; cast our votes.”

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