21 July 2017

I’m in no competition with anybody in the movie industry – Kafui Danku

Kafui Danku, Chief Executive Officer of ABC Pictures and a Ghanaian actress has said she does not find the movie industry a platform to compete with other actresses.

The Movie Producer bemoaned the lack of support for each other in the movie industry with regards to colleague actresses.

According to her, female movie stars including herself hardly exchange pleasantries with each other when they meet on set or at events and that she wants to change that particular attitude.

Narrating the relationship between herself and colleague actress Yvonne Okoro, Kafui Danku said there is no “serious” dispute between them as has been misconstrued by people.

“I remember I didn’t say hello to her. She could have also said hello. Here we are as women in the industry. Here we are always talking about women supporting women everyday shouting on top of our voices on social media platforms and yet we can’t say a common hello to each other.

“I know I’m at fault and I’ve been just thinking why I didn’t say hello? What was I thinking? I don’t know.”

According to her, she is ready to make up for her past mistakes, therefore, she will not hesitate to approach Yvonne Okoro should the opportunity represent itself.

“It’s so terrible that my colleague and I can’t say hello. It’s so bad. I wish I can turn back the hands of time, I will say hello. We are not in any sort of competition. I’m not the type to compete with anyone in the industry,” she laments.

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